Growing Older Has Unique Challenges

Is your loved one living alone?  

Are you concerned about his or her finances, health, emotional well-being, and/or safety?

The variety of issues that arise in daily life is endless, ranging from mundane everyday household tasks, to life-saving actions. Navigating through decisions such as account management, caregiver supervision, and Medicare questions takes up a lot of time and needless worry.

Seniors Home Concierge removes the stress from trying to figure it all out.

Hi, I’m Ellen

I’m passionate about maintaining a safe and efficient household for seniors.

I’m a Paralegal, former Legal Document Assistant, Mediator, and Notary Public, and have been serving Marin County seniors in a fiduciary capacity for over 10 years.

  • Member, American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM)

  • Helping those who choose to Age in Place or assistance in relocating

  • Maximizing dignity, privacy, independence, safety, & autonomy

  • Bonded – serving the Bay Area since 2003

  • 360 degree support


Kind Words for Seniors Home Concierge

Martha Howard, Attorney, Inverness, CA

“I have worked with Ellen on various cases for elderly clients and have watched her take effective control of chaotic finances and unworkable personal situations. She is kind and attentive to each client, creative in finding the best solutions and willing to stay on the case until those solutions can be implemented.”

K.E., Rochester, NY

“I am very pleased to offer my highest recommendation for Ellen Floyd as a provider of Seniors’ Home Concierge services. Ellen came to my attention when my uncle passed away 9 years ago, and it became clear that my aunt was no longer able to take care of herself. I live in New York, so providing significant help was a problem. I found Ellen through the recommendation of my aunt’s lawyer and I made the important decision to assign Ellen Power of Attorney.

Ellen executed her role in a most responsible manner, always considering and balancing my aunt’s finances and needs. Every significant decision was discussed with me and received my approval before it was executed. Ellen managed my aunt’s finances with prudence, and performed her duties with my aunt’s best interest in mind. Eventually, however, it became apparent that my aunt would not be able to stay in her home, for financial and safety reasons. My aunt was reluctant to leave her home, but because of Ellen’s persistence and dedication, a facility that my aunt was satisfied with was found.

Ellen was invaluable to me at this difficult time of transition for my aunt. She coordinated the huge task of dispersing my aunt’s household belongings, and selling her home.”

G.P., Ross, CA

“Finding myself in need of concierge services in my home, I Googled the word “concierge,” and thankfully Seniors’ Home Concierge popped up. I have now been working with Ellen since June, 2016, and I know her to be conscientious, discreet, and professional. I trust her implicitly to handle my affairs efficiently and with tact. Ellen demonstrates attention to detail and has fundamentally improved the quality of my life by proactively attending to the time consuming demands that arise in my daily life. I am so grateful for the excellent service she provides, and enthusiastically recommend Ellen and Seniors’ Home Concierge.”

Let’s Connect

I am happy to discuss your or your loved one’s needs and concerns. Please contact me for a free, in-home consultation!

Ellen Rose Floyd