Hello and welcome! I am a Paralegal, former Legal Document Assistant, Mediator, and Notary Public, and have been serving Marin County seniors in a fiduciary capacity for over 10 years who have chosen to either “age in place” or have moved to a senior community.

When my father passed away in 2000, my mother, who had never paid a bill or looked at a bank statement, was left to fend for herself.  With him gone, she became lonely, depressed, and isolated.  Unable to pick up where he left off, her affairs quickly deteriorated into a state of chaos, and soon she stopped opening her mail altogether.  My father had not only been the one to manage their financial affairs and maintain the house, but he also kept them active and social; he was truly her lifeline to the world.  Alone and defenseless, she became a target for fraud.  And this was only over a period of a few months.

Unaware of my mother’s inability to function independently, and because I was busy helping her through the emotional aspect of this profound life change, I paid little attention to her finances.  By the time I got a clue, she had lost thousands of dollars to late charges, skyrocketing credit card interest rates due to non-payments, and fraud.

At the time, I had no idea how prevalent this tragic and unhealthy situation is; and how dangerous.  And this situation is not limited to those who have lost their life partners; a downward spiral of one’s financial and physical affairs at some point in their lives is almost inevitable.  Thankfully, family members often step up to the plate, band together, and ensure their loved one’s life stays on track.  But sadly, this is not always possible.  Family members often are unable or unwilling to step in due to distance, time-constraints, or estrangement.  Many elders have little or no family at all.

In my mother’s case, we were lucky that I not only lived five minutes away, but had the time and resources to jump in.  Although it was a true “trial by fire,” I loved being able to dive in and begin to reconstruct what once was a highly functional, well organized, and healthy environment. I found that not only did I have a flair for organizing, but with my education and background as a paralegal, I had many of the skills necessary to clean up the mess and tie up loose ends in an efficient manner.  And I enjoyed it.

I began to receive calls from friends and colleagues, asking for advice regarding a loved ones’ age-related concern.  I’ve worked closely with West Marin Senior Services, elder law attorneys, and Marin County Adult Protective Services.

The variety of issues that arise in daily life is endless, ranging from mundane everyday household tasks, to categorically essential issues such as account management, caregiver supervision, and Medicare questions.  I will handle any issue that comes down the pike, and am able to “think outside the box” when necessary.  As a skilled and experienced “concierge for seniors,” I enjoy accommodating the unique personality and individual needs of each client.

I am passionate about maintaining a safe and efficient household for seniors, whether they choose to “age in place,” or prefer to move to a senior community.  I am at their, or your, assistance for any project or responsibility, in the short- or long-term.